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Radon Testing - Residential

Radon Doctor offers radon tests with an electronic Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) that is very accurate (less than 3% error rate), and is downloaded to a computer for Radon Test Results that are available within 24 hours after the monitor is picked up (no long waiting for results). The CRM monitor records the radon levels in your home every hour that the monitor is in your home, and produces a very detailed radon report (click image below), and has an anti-tampering device built-in. The radon test is run for a minimum of 48 hours per EPA protocols, and can run up to 4 days. Self test kits available at some retailers can have an error rate of up to 30%, and can take 1 - 3 weeks for results.  A minimum of two of these test kits are required to be set side by side, at least 20" off the floor, away from windows, doors and HVAC vents (supply and return), in the most-used area of the lowest livable area in the home.

The CRM radon test fees range from $100 to $250, depending on location of home & number of monitors used. Call for the exact cost for your home.

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Radon Mitigation Systems for Existing Homes

Radon Doctor offers complete details about many different options and types of radon mitigation (reduction) systems. With proper radon tests we can determine how and where radon is entering your home. We prefer to schedule an appointment to visit your home, so we can design a system that is best for your home and budget, and provide you with a written estimate. A Full Radon Mitigation System costs on average between $1,000 to $1,800 depending on size of the house, and if gravel is found under the basement concrete slab, or if a crawl space has a vapor barrier in place. In a house with a Passive Radon Pipe in place, costs average between $600 to $950, dependent on proper installation of the passive system, per EPA protocols. A Radon Mitigation System with a good gravel base under the concrete slab also acts as a dehumidifier, reducing moisture in a basement.

Radon Mitigation Systems for New Homes

A Passive Radon System is recommended for all new homes, even if local building codes don't require it. As the home is being built by a builder, a pipe system starts under the concrete slab in the basement, or concrete slab-on-grade, or under a vapor barrier in a crawl space, then runs through the interior of the house, into the attic and discharges out through the roof. This can reduce the cost of a system if needed once the home is finished. This also hides the system, so you don't have a Radon System on the exterior of your home. Refer to EPA Publication - Building Radon Out #402K-01-002.

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Updated January 22, 2019