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The Radon Doctor specializes in Radon Testing and in the Installation of Radon Mitigation (reduction) systems in Maryland - Serving Washington, Frederick & Carroll Counties (other counties will be considered on request).

We will come to your home by appointment to determine if your home has Radon Levels that are above the EPA recommended safe level. We will set up a Professional Radon Monitor (CRM Monitor) that is very accurate, and the radon levels in your home are known when we return to pick-up the monitor (48 to 96 hours later). If the levels are higher than the recommended level of 4.0 pCi/L (set by the EPA), we can design a Radon Mitigation System that is best suited for your home at that time. Every home is different, therefore a quote by phone will not provide a reasonably accurate estimate. Average prices of Radon Systems may not apply to all homes, especially the older homes built before building codes were required in your area (all counties are different). Some homes today have a passive radon pipe already installed by the builder, but there is a chance it was not installed properly by the builder, per EPA protocols.  It is best if a highly trained radon professional is used to determine what your home needs.

We are certified nationally by The National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP - the largest radon organization in the USA) for both Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation.

Note: The State of Maryland doesn't require individuals that perform radon Testing or Mitigation to have special State licenses - only National Certification - so be sure to use a trained professional for your radon needs. Refer to the AARST-NRPP (http://aarst-nrpp.com/wp/) or NRSB (National Radon Safety Board) (http://www.nrsb.org/) web sites for lists of trained National Radon Professionals in your area.

Region 3 Radon Zone Map - includes Maryland

National Radon Zone Map

There is no compromise where your family's safety is concerned.

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NRPP Residential Measurement Provider # 101858 RT
NRPP Residential Mitigation Provider # 102658 RMT

Updated January 22, 2019